Bruce Taylor is a two-time winner of the A.M. Klein Award for Poetry.  He has published four books of poetry.  His most recent, collection No End in Strangeness, which combines new work with selections from his earlier books, was published by Cormorant in spring of 2011. He has been a teacher, a puppeteer, and a freelance journalist. He lives in Wakefield, Quebec, with his wife and three children.

“This collection, which brings together highlights from Taylor’s previous two titles with magnificent new work, is the best book—in any genre—I read this year. In Taylor’s hands, domestic details become the crucible for elegant, textured, virtuosic observations on fate (“Kafka with kids” is how someone once described Taylor to me). He is a master at combining heart-breaking self-portraiture with ironic self-counselling (like a witty therapist giving himself a talking cure while staring in the mirror) and has an superb ear for description: his visual close-work is full of sonic surprises. I don’t think there’s a stronger English poet in Canada.” – Vehicule/Signal editor Carmine Starnino