Pura López-Colomé was born in Mexico City in 1952, but also spent part of her childhood and youth in Mérida, Yucatan. The author of several important books, including El sueño del cazador, Aurora, Intemperie, and Collected Poems Música inaudita (Eds. Verdehalago, 2004), she is also the translator into Spanish of works by Samuel Beckett, H.D., Seamus Heaney, William Carlos Williams, Gertrude Stein, Robert Hass, Robert Creeley and others. A Selected Poems, titled No Shelter, was published in Forrest Gander’s translation by Graywolf Press (USA) in 2002. A new bi-lingual collection, Watchword, will be published in February 2012. Pura López-Colomé lives in Cuernavaca, Mexico. In 2008 she was awarded the most prestigious poetry prize in Mexico, the Xavier Villurrutia Prize, Mexico`s most esteemed literary prize.