Emilie Zoey Baker
Emilie Zoey Baker is a poet, editor and spoken-word performer, a winner at the Berlin International Literature Festival.
Rob Winger
Rob Winger’s most recent book is The Chimney Stone, and his first, Muybridge’s Horse, lost some of Canada’s most prestigious literary prizes.
Mark Tredinnick
Australian Mark Tredinnick, has 11 works of poetry and prose and has been called “one of our great poets of place".

VERSeFest Video

Watch "Come Listen," a VERSeFest video by Jessie Turner.
Luna Allison
Playwright, performer and poet Luna Allison has been featured in festivals and venues across North America and on CBC Radio.
Steven Price
Steven Price's Anatomy of Keys (Brick, 2006) was a Globe & Mail Book of the Year. His new collection is Omens in the Year of the Ox.
Kay'la Fraser
Kay’la Fraser is a soft-spoken yet eccentric performer and arts educator who has competed at a national level in Canada and the USA.

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