A.F. Moritz
A.F. Moritz, a celebrated poet of over 16 works, has won the Griffin Prize and the Award in Literature from the American Academy.
Anita Lahey
Poet, journalist, and former Arc editor, Anita Lahey has two collections of poetry.
Anne Simpson
Griffin Poetry Prize winner Anne Simpson has written 7 books of poetry, fiction, and essays. She lives in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.


Barbara Langhorst
Barbara Langhorst of Alberta with a Ph.D. in experimental poetics at the U of Alberta teaches at St. Peter's College in Muenster, SK.
Brent Raycroft
Some of Brent's poetry appeared in print in the twentieth century, and in recent years he has begun writing and publishing again.


Catherine Owen
Owen’s work has won the Alberta Book Award, the Gerald Lampert, the Re-lit, the CBC/Air Canada and BC Book prizes.
Chris Jennings
Former and current editor at some of Canada's top literary magazines, Chris Jennings’ first book, Occupations, came out in 2012.
Christine McNair
Christine McNair's Conflict was published by BookThug in 2012. She's a book conservator in Ottawa and hosts CKCU Literary Landscapes.
Claudia Radmore
Claudia Coutu Radmore is known for her Japanese-form poems, as well as for her lyric poetry.


Don McKay
Don McKay, one of the top names in CanLit, has published 11 poetry collections, and mentors poets.


Emilie Zoey Baker
Emilie Zoey Baker is a poet, editor and spoken-word performer, a winner at the Berlin International Literature Festival.
Erik Lindner
Dutch poet Erik Lindner advocates spreading poetry using all available means and media, and across all national and linguistic lines.
Ewan Whyte
Ewan Whyte has recently completed a book of poetry and a translation of the odes of Horace.


Gil McElroy
Gil McElroy is a poet, independent curator, art critic, and visual artist with an interest in the Cold War.
Greg Frankson
Greg Frankson is the founder of Capital Slam and has been performing spoken word for a decade.


Hélène Gelèns
Hélène Gelèns of Amsterdam has been performing her poetry since 2000. Her 2nd collection received the prestigious Jan Campert Prize.


Jordan Chevalier
Jordan's first chapbook So Far will be launched in the spring and he plans to begin work on his follow-up effort.


Kay'La Fraser
Kay’la Fraser is a soft-spoken yet eccentric performer and arts educator who has competed at a national level in Canada and the USA.
Ken Babstock
Ken Babstock’s most recent collection is Methodist Hatchet. His work has been translated into German, Dutch, Serbo-Croatian and French.
Kimbit is a second year math student at Carleton University, was highest scoring at CFSW in Saskatoon and is going to CIPS.


Lady Katalyst
Lady Katalyst is a poet & hiphop artist who has has performed at poetry and music festivals internationally.
LeRoy Gorman
LeRoy Gorman’s minimalist poetry and haiku has appeared in print since 1976 and has garnered numerous awards.
Luna Allison
Playwright, performer and poet Luna Allison has been featured in festivals and venues across North America and on CBC Radio.


Magpie Ulysses
Magpie Ulysses is a dynamic performance poet and storyteller known for her intense stage presence and thoughtful insight about humanity.
Mark Tredinnick
Australian Mark Tredinnick, has 11 works of poetry and prose and has been called “one of our great poets of place".
Matt Jones
Matt Jones studied English Lit at Queens, studying books during the school year and driving ships with the Navy in the summers.
Matthew Sweeney
Matthew Sweeney born in Donegal, Ireland had his Selected Poems of 20 years' work published in 2002.
Sara made her debut in 2012 and will compete in the 2013 Capital Slam Qualifier for the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam.


Nicole Markotic
Nicole Markotić is a poet, critic, and novelist in Windsor, Ontario teaches Lit and edits the poetry chapbook series, Wrinkle Press.


RC Weslowski
RC Weslowski is a clown mouth full of x-ray visions attempting to get at the heart of things.
Rob Winger
Rob Winger’s most recent book is The Chimney Stone, and his first, Muybridge’s Horse, lost some of Canada’s most prestigious literary prizes.


Sir Realist
Nathanaël Larochette is a 27 year old Ottawa-area spoken word poet and musician who performs under the stage name Sir Realist.
Steven Price
Steven Price's Anatomy of Keys (Brick, 2006) was a Globe & Mail Book of the Year. His new collection is Omens in the Year of the Ox.
Stuart Ross
Essayist, organizer, publisher, Stuart Ross is the author of three novels, two story collections, and seven poetry books.
Susan Glickman
A recovering academic, Susan Glickman works as a freelance editor and teaches creative writing at Ryerson and the U of Toronto.


Awarded 2012's Rookie of the Year V was the sole female member of the 2012 Ottawa Capital Slam team.


William Hawkins
William Hawkins has lived most of his life in Ottawa, with side trips to Vancouver, Toronto, Tallahassee and Mexico.