Erik Lindner (born 1968 in the Hague), is a poet and a poetry critic. Aside from his own volumes of poetry – “Tramontane” (1996), “Tong en trede” (Tongue and Step, 2000), “Tafel” (Table, 2004), and “Terrein” (Terrain, 2010) – and a book on the art of poetry published in 2009, Erik Lindner published a French anthology with contemporary Dutch poetry, “Le verre est un liquide lent” (Glass is a Lazy Liquid, 2003), presenting 33 of his poetry colleagues. He start to perform his work at an early age, in 1985, and has been resident and guest in Taiwan, Canada, France, Albania, Italy, Macedonia, Great-Britain, Greece and Germany. Translations appeared in international magazines such as Poetry Review (England), Manuskripte (Austria), Interim (USA), Po&sie (France), and Luvina (Mexico). Lindner previously worked as a teacher of creative writing on the Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam. Now he is an editor of two reviews, Terras and De Revsior and a freelance writer. For Poetry International in Rotterdam he writes frequently about books, travels and translations.