Matt Jones grew up mostly in Kingston, Ontario. His parents split when he was ten, so he floated back and forth between several homes. His Dad’s house was the bigger lure, because there were no rules and the man loved to drink. When Matt finished high school he joined the Navy and started studying English Lit at Queens. He studied books during the school year and drove ships in the summers. One summer he was sailing in Alaska when he received word that my father had passed away. He flew home to grieve, emerging after six bleak months. Returning to the sailor’s life he sailed on the east coast, travelling to Greenland, Newfoundland, Nunavut, and the Arctic. He received word while in Greenland that one of my best friend’s fathers had also passed, and when he came home he moved in with this friend in Ottawa. There he worked initially as a bouncer and then as a bureaucrat in a headquarters for several years before he began to work in an operations centre. Shortly thereafter he began pre-deployment training for a year-long tour in Afghanistan, arriving home more than a year ago. Since moving back he has returned to school with a new energy and discipline.