How to Get Your Tickets

Passes and single tickets available below (via PayPal) or at the Festival doors.
Tickets purchased online will be waiting at the door.


Festival Pass

Gain access to all events, except Clark workshop which is sold separately.

Evening Passes


Tuesday, Mar 25

Wednesday, Mar 26

Thursday, Mar 27

Friday, Mar 28


Full-Day Passes


Saturday, Mar 29

Sunday, Mar 30 (does not include Clark workshop)


(except where

Single Events


Tuesday 7pm — Pinkoski, Tierney, De Leeuw, Lochhead

Tuesday 9pm — Faulkner, Showler, Richardson

Wednesday 7pm — Kearns, Bruchhaeuser, D-LightFull, Philosi-fire

Wednesday 9pm — Boan, Moritz, Moïse, Webster

Thursday 7pm — McFadden, Goyette, Connelly

Thursday 9pm — Coming and Going, Alland

Friday 7pm — Rhodes, Gillis, Bowling, Colistro

Friday 9pm — Urban Legends

Saturday 1:30pm — The Line has Shattered

Saturday 4pm — Irwin, Christakos

Saturday 7pm — Mockler, Brockwell, Thammavongsa

Saturday 9pm — Dope Boys, Clancy, Smith

Sunday 1:30pm — Clark Workshop (Not included in pass)

Sunday 3pm — Berkhout, Tenn-Yuk, Bachinsky, Shaffran

Sunday 5pm — Kellough, Wint, Clark


Sunday 7pm — Grégoire, Earl

Sunday 8pm — Vermette, Burkard, Pleau, Ruefle